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Dear International Faculty Members,


Spring is here and we hope this letter finds you well. The sudden outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus has disrupted our normal life. In order to protectall BJUTers’ health and overcome the Epidemic, BJUT has decided to postpone the beginning of the spring semester, which temporarily blocks many international faculty members’ return to the BJUT campus. We are as always concerned about the well-being of both you and your family members because we are family.


For China, this is a critical battle for prevention and control of the Epidemic.


Following the outbreak of the Epidemic, Chinese President Xi Jinping immediately issued important instructions to implement specific control measures,stressing “Life weighs more than Mount Tai. Epidemic prevention is the order, and control is the imperative”.Premier Li Keqiang's inspection visit to Wuhan has illustrated the government's determination toward epidemic prevention and has also reassured our confidence.


For Beijing University of Technology, this is a test of the University's emergency management capabilities for prevention and control of the Epidemic.


The BJUT leadership has attached upmost importance to the safety and health of all the faculty, staff, and students,establishing a Leading Group for Coronavirus Prevention and Control (LGCPC) led directly by the Party Secretary and the President to take immediate actions and effective measures for Epidemic prevention and control. The relevant work is being carried out in an orderly manner. Fortunately, there has been no confirmed cases on our campus at this time.


For all BJUT international faculty members, this is a memorable experience that you share the same fate with BJUT.


Given the cosmopolitan nature of our international faculty and their current whereabouts, we constantly send our safety tips and prevention instructions through emails, text messages, videos, and WeChat.We wish all of you safety and health. Please take good care of yourselves.We have also assigned staff teams to conduct disinfection and sterilization twice a day at Global Expert Apartment in preparation for your return.


With all 30,000 domestic and global faculty, staff, and students working together towards the same goal, there is no mountain that cannot be climbed. With all 30,000 domestic and global faculty, staff, and students joining hand in hand, there is no bridge that cannot be crossed.We believe that with the firm leadership of the Chinese government and with the help of all BJUTers, we will definitely win the battle against the Epidemic.All BJUTers have your back,and we are concerned about and supporting you all the time.


We would like to thank all our international faculty for sharing the same fate with all BJUTers.We will continue teaching and learning although classes are suspended. BJUT will conduct teaching through online education from February 24 until the official date when students return to school, for which we hope that you could make good preparations.Here we would also like to remind you to pay close attention to the official information released from Chinese government. Do not spread nor believe rumors.

Please also remember to submit all relevant information and make good preparations before the new semester commences according to the requirements of BJUT.Please do not return to campus before the University releases the official notice and do protect the health and safety of yourselves and your family members.During your return to BJUT, if you encounter any difficulties, please contact the University and your working institutions for assistance.As BJUT is the second home to all international faculty members,we will make all possible endeavors to solve problems for you.


We wish you a safe and sound return after the epidemic has subsided, just as sure as the season turns to spring.


We wish all of you and your family health, safety and happiness!


Secretary of the BJUT Party Committee: XIE Hui


President, Deputy-secretary of the BJUT Party Committee: LIU Gonghui


February 6, 2020



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